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Our Services

Investment Management

Being a fully licensed dealer by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zambia, Autus is able to offer the professional management of private securities (cash, shares, bonds and other assets) in order to meet specified investment objectives as prescribed by the various investors who can be institutional and retail clients such as: pension funds insurance companies, corporations, churches, charities, universities and institutions of learning, hospitals etc. Management of assets can be achieved either through investment management contracts or through collective investment schemes (unit trusts, mutual funds etc.)

Our professional team of fund managers, dealers and analyst boats several years’ experience in the Zambia capital markets and take care to blend this experience with local knowledge and relationships to achieve our clients overriding investment goals.

Autus will soon launch its inaugural Collective Investment Scheme in Zambia targeted at both retail and institutional investors as well as bespoke products for specific corporates.


Historically, as African Alliance, Autus provided world class research to our clients to help them make their best investment decisions on the Zambian capital markets. Partnering with international research houses, it is our aim to build on this legacy and continue providing current, relevant research that informs investment or strategic decisions.

We facilitate logistic and consultative services linking local and international investors with local corporate institutions and other market players and stakeholders in the Zambian capital markets. Our activities include bespoke trips, face to face meetings, conferences, roadshows, industry expert events, and conference calls.

Our team couples local market expertise and relationships to ensure that our clients derive maximum value from corporate access events. We also facilitate ongoing corporate relations in identified potential investment opportunities.

Research Material


Autus provides stockbroking services to institutional clients. Due to this particular focus, Autus can provide detailed research and coverage to desired or preferred portfolios that clients seek. This places Autus far ahead of other industry players.

A strong client base consisting of major institutional investors, foreign investors and corporates provide us with the strength of placing large blocks of securities in the primary and secondary markets.

Autus Securities Limited is currently the appointed Sponsoring broker for two companies with listed securities on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. As a sponsoring broker, Autus facilitates the interactions corporates’ with the Lusaka Securities Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission thereby advising clients on market regulation pertaining to corporates actions, compliance and market announcements.

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Our Team


Sponsoring BrokerĀ 

Ulendo RINP Note Programme

Transaction Advisory, M&A

Select Africa Limited

Transaction Advisory ,

equity Placement and Structuring

Sponsoring Broker to African Lands Investments

African Land Investment

Transaction Advisory, Debt Placement and Structuring,

Sponsoring Broker for Izwe Loans MTN Programme

Izwe Loans Zambia Limited

About Us

Autus Securities Ltd, formerly known as African Alliance Securities Zambia, began operations in 2009 with the aim of providing superior financial advisory and stockbroking services to institutions in Zambia. With over five years of successful transactions and significant market share in the stockbroking industry, African Alliance restructured its business; the process involved a change in shareholding, resulting in Autus Securities Limited, Autus.

Autus is a member broker of the Lusaka Securities Exchange and is registered and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zambia.

Autus harnesses its strong operational expertise and worldwide network through partner institutions to provide both local and international clients the best possible service delivery.